Chicago 12 Week Dental Assisting Program


Dental Assisting is a respected profession in a growing field with part time & full time availability. The Dental Assistant is a valuable part of the dental office team, providing support to the Dentist and Hygienist.

Typical duties are centered around patient care, and include room preparation, charting, sterilization, & dental instrument maintenance. There is room for advancement & growth within this position, and duties can range from assisting on cleanings and dental procedures, to pre and post operative care, & patient x-rays. A dental assistant may also occasionally help out with front office duties such as phone answering & scheduling of appointments.

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About Springboard

The mission of Springboard Dental Institute is to provide a Dental Assistant training program that will help aspiring dental assistants in the South Chicago area to acquire the skills that will enable them to be more effective (and therefore more employable) dental assistants for practicing dentists in the area.

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