Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Dentistry
Introduction To Dentistry Video 00:10:00
Welcome to Your Professional Career as a Dental Assistant Reading 00:00:00
Dental Assisting Job Tasks, Activities, & Responsibilities Reading 00:00:00
Introduction To Study Skills Video 01:40:00
Introduction To Dental Anatomy Video 00:28:00
Introduction To Dental Anatomy Reading 00:00:00
The Universal Numbering System Reading 00:00:00
Dental Anatomy Quiz Unlimited
Module 2: Sterilization and Infection Control
Sterilization and Infection Control Video 00:00:00
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) reading 00:00:00
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reading 00:00:00
Sterilization & Infection Control Quiz Unlimited
Module 3: Hygiene Assisting
Taking Impressions Video 00:00:00
Periodontal Maintenance and Home Care Video 00:00:00
Pedodontics video 00:00:00
Periodontal Maintenance Quiz Unlimited
Pedodontics Quiz Unlimited
Module 4: Taking X-rays
Radiography Video 01:08:00
Mounting X-rays Video 00:00:00
Xray reading 00:00:00
X-ray Quiz Unlimited
Module 5: Restorative
Composite Fillings Video 00:00:00
Anesthetics Video 00:00:00
Occlusal Equilibration reading 00:00:00
Restoration Quiz Unlimited
Dental Procedures & Diagnosis Quiz Unlimited
Module 6: Endodontics and Prosthodontics
Endodontics Video 00:00:00
Endodontics Quiz Unlimited
Temporomandibular Disorder Reading 00:00:00
Prostodontics – Bridge Reading 00:00:00
Dentures Reading 00:00:00
Dental Instruments Quiz Unlimited
Module 7: Oral Surgery
Extractions Video 00:00:00
Extractions Reading 00:00:00
Oral Surgery Quiz Unlimited
Advanced Procedures – Tori Removal Reading 00:00:00
Advanced Procedures – Apicoetcomy Reading 00:00:00
Hemisection Reading 00:00:00
Dental Vocabulary Quiz Unlimited
Module 8: Chairside Scheduling
Get Them In The Door: The Springboard Institute Phone System Video 00:00:00
Common Dental Codes Video 00:00:00
Common Dental Codes Reading 00:00:00
Answering Phones Quiz Unlimited
Common Dental Codes Quiz Unlimited
Module 9: Medical Emergencies
Medical Emergencies Video 00:00:00
Medical Emergencies Reading 00:00:00
Taking Blood Pressure Video 00:00:00
Taking a Patient’s Vital Signs Reading 00:00:00
Blood Pressure Quiz Unlimited
Module 10: Final Exam
Dental Assisting Final Exam OLD 06:00:00
  • 2 months, 1 week
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About Springboard

The mission of Springboard Dental Institute is to provide a Dental Assistant training program that will help aspiring dental assistants in the South Chicago area to acquire the skills that will enable them to be more effective (and therefore more employable) dental assistants for practicing dentists in the area.

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